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Known as 45-mile-per-hour couch potatoes, foster greyhounds Happy and Rex traded soulful looks for head pats on Saturday.

BEIRUT - Some 300 homeless dogs and cats, many left behind by owners who fled Lebanon during the Hezbollah-Israel war, will be heading to U.S. sanctuaries for adoption.

From time to time I get questions from people who dream of owning a truly exotic pet. Some of these folks just want to know if I?ve heard of people with similar pets; others want to know what it?s like to own an exotic.

SAN FRANCISCO Ferret lovers are trying yet again to find ways to legalize their weasly pets.

ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) - The Rochester City Council says eight dogs in one house is too many. The council has adopted an ordinance lowering the limit on dogs kept in a residence to five. But a home can still have a total of eight pets, including dogs, cats and ferrets.

Our pets are living longer, but with the increased lifespans come ailments related to age. One of the most common of these is arthritis, a degenerative joint disease that can cause stiffness and pain.

Neighbors save a Plano couple and their pets from an early-morning house fire.

One of Britain's biggest hotel chains has gone pet-friendly by offering the pets of visitors their very own beds.

More people are leaving pet trusts, which a benefactor to name a caretaker for a pet and a trustee who ensures the money is being spent appropriately.

BLADENBORO -- Animal lovers in Bladenboro are concerned they may have to pick which pets to keep and which to get rid of, because of a new town ordinance.

One of Britain's biggest hotel chains has decided to offer pets their very own beds.

NATCHEZ ? Saturday, the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society held its 14th annual Bark in the Park at the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians to help raise funds for the humane society shelter and help raise awareness about the importance of adopting pets.