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"Cat Haiku"

  • You never feed me. Perhaps I'll sleep on your face. That will sure show you.
  • You *must* scratch me there! Yes, above my tail! Behold, elevator butt.
  • The rule for today: Touch my tail, I shred your hand. New rule tomorrow.
  • Grace personified. I leap into the window. I meant to do that.
  • Blur of motion, then -- Silence, me, a paper bag. What is so funny?
  • You're always typing. Well, let's see you ignore my sitting on your hands.
  • My small cardboard box. You cannot see me if I Can just hide my head.
  • Terrible battle. I fought for hours. Come and see! What's a 'term paper?'
  • Small brave carnivores Kill pine cones and mosquitoes Fear vacuum cleaner.
  • I want to be close to you. Can I fit my head inside your armpit?
  • Wanna go outside. Oh, crap! Help! I got outside! Let me back inside!
  • Oh no! Big One has been trapped by newspaper! Cat to the rescue!
  • Humans are so strange. Mine lies still in bed, then screams. My claws are not that sharp.
  • Cats meow out of angst "Thumbs! If only we had thumbs! We could break so much!"
  • The Big Ones snore now Every room is dark and cold Time for "Cup Hockey."
  • In deep sleep hear sound Cat vomit hair ball somewhere Will find in morning.
  • We're almost equals I purr to show I love you. Want to smell my butt?
  • The cat is not all Bad - she fills the litter box With Tootsie Rolls.




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