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We have interviewed a very nice family run company Willorill Kennels and discuss Artemis Dog Food and more.

Hi Eric, how did you get stared in the dog food and kennel business?
My parents started the boarding kennel business in 1961. I was born in 1962 so I guess you could say I was born into the business. I helped with the kennel chores as soon as I was old enough to be trusted to do what I was told. After I graduated from high school I worked in a local auto body shop for 20 years which was located about a half mile from the kennel and our home. When my father passed away in suddenly 1991 I retired from the body shop to help my mother run the family business and that is where I have been ever since. I am married my wife's name is Eva and we have a 10 year old son his name is Cordell.

What has been your most popular service and product?
Most popular service is boarding especially in the summer and around all holidays. We can hold 30 plus boarders which keeps me very busy.

Most popular product is the Artemis pet food line that I started selling in 2003. Sales of the Artemis have definitely increased since all the pet food recalls that took place last year.

Do you have any future business plans, or goals?

No big future plans just to keep expanding the sales of the Artemis Pet Food. We are proud of this product supplying healthy holistic food that your dog will love!

Do you have any pets, tell us about them?
We have two Golden Retrievers both rescues a five year old named Kobe and an eight year old named Lizzy.


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Kobe & Lizzy

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