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Dogs, cats, birds, horses and fish were among the favorite Christian pets according to a ChristiaNet survey. (PRWEB Sep 20, 2006)

Calcutta?s pets will soon head the Tinkerbell way. After all, if Paris Hilton?s pampered pooch can take a break from a hectic celeb schedule to get into the grooming grind, so can Calcutta?s cats and dogs. With the opening of Paws, a pet salon and shop, that is.

The smallest thing can change the course of a life. At times that push comes in the form of a close encounter of the animal kind. Call them epiphany pets, for lack of a better name. These are special animals that enter the lives of some fortunate folks, forever diverting their path. Some are chance

In an attempt to reduce the unwanted cat and dog population, San Jose may require that all household pets be spayed or neutered unless owners are licensed breeders.

Jill Tobin searched the Internet to find her family a new pet at the West Des Moines Animal Control Shelter.

Music artists The Flaming Lips, Pussycat Dolls, Hot Chip lead roster of 24 artists contributing Simlish versions of songs for Sims 2 Pets.

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) today revealed a roster of more than 25 songs that will be featured in The Sims 2(TM) Pets.

Ready for a workout? That's exactly what you'll get from your Aries pet, since this is a most energetic animal that is sure to keep you fit. No shrinking, Violet.

Adopt A To adopt any of these wonderful pets, contact the agency above the photo: Worcester Animal Rescue League 139 Holden St., Worcester (508) 853-0030 Animal Shelter, Inc. of Sterling 17 Laurelwood Rd., Sterling (978) 422-8585 Sweetpea Friends of Rutland Animals P.O. Box 897, Rutland (508) 886-6191 The next ?Adopt A Pet?

The saying goes that pets look like their owners. These days, that old saw holds more truth as the obesity epidemic shifts to family pets.

Carmel - They are precious, playful, and ,in parts of Carmel, they are prey. At least five pets are dead, four cats and one small dog. The attacks happened outdoors over the last month between 116th and 136st street near Hazel Del.

WEST PARK, Fla. -- A man saved a dog and a cat from a house fire Wednesday, but he was unable to save five other pets. Two pets were rescued while five others perished in a West Park fire this afternoon.