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Most people are aware that antifreeze can be a dangerous threat to pets, even deadly, depending on how much is ingested.

Puppy Treats show how clever your or your friends dog realy is. The Yuppy Puppy Treat Machine is a gas! This 13 inch tall working gumball machine (uses treats or dry food, not gumballs) has been specially designed so dogs can work it themselves.

Get a ball launcher for dogs with HyperDog and don't have to touch slimy balls again. You can launch a tennis ball up to 50 yards or more! This makes a great gift for a dog lover who is hard to shop for. We love the HyperDog Tennisball Launcher! It works great and you or your giftee be the envy of everyone that sees you and your dog playing with it.


In a special offer, Mutt Essentials will send a free sample of their Flea Shampoo for Dogs. This offer is available until the samples run out — so email them quickly. Details at their website

The holidays are fun, and often very festive, fallow these holiday pet safety tips to help bring in a safe new year. But with all the decorations and food, come many unseen hazards to your pet. You can help keep pets safe during the holiday season by following the holiday safety tips below.

Iams Healthy Naturals provides outstanding nutrition and promotes a healthy immune system for your dog.

Iams Digestive Care helps promote healthy digestion, keeping your cat (and her belly) happy for life.

While it is the time for giving, the Etobicoke Humane Society says it hopes people will not choose to give pets as gifts this holiday season. Often, these loving and living "gifts" are given up when...

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz.----A new DNA test that genetically screens pets for dozens of inherited diseases is now available at, the high-tech pet retailer.

The pets of Palm Beach County can rest a little bit easier tonight. Under a new Palm Beach Community College (PBCC) policy the geckos, guinea pigs and sugar gliders of employees are eligible for coverage under College sponsored health insurance plans while the domestic partners of employees aren't.