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When Monroeville residents' pets are pulled from fires, they now will have a better chance at survival.  read more »

It's a fact that pets usually have shorter life spans than people, but what happens if you're the one who becomes ill or dies first?

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Multnomah County Animal Services took dozens of animals into the shelter during the storm. Now, they're working hard to reunite pets and their owners.

They're not just our best friends ... pets can reduce stress and our waistlines.

Congress made important strides on animal protection in the past two years, including passing legislation to ban puppy imports from foreign puppy mills, strengthen federal law on animal fighting, and respond to the scandal of tainted pet food. Our undercover investigation of the Hallmark slaughter plant, which prompted the largest beef recall in American history, also led to eight congressional hearings and legislation to address major problems in humane handling oversight and food safety. On this and other issues, prospects are bright for even more reforms in the new Congress and Obama Administration. Get the details on our work in the 110th Congress.

pets at riskImagine you are stuck in a horrible situation — you recognize that your relationship with your partner is unhealthy and abusive, your heart is hurting and you want to get out of the situation, but you are unsure of your options. You have no money to step out on your own, you are afraid of what your abuser might do if you do leave, and you have a pet.

Mars Petcare US Issues Voluntary Recall of Limited Bags of PEDIGREE® Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites at Albertsons in Southern California and Las Vegas due to Potential Salmonella Contamination

If you can rescue and/or adopt one of our Shelter dogs and/or cats below PLEASE!!

Lancaster Animal Control Shelter (Gassing ) has been known to gas 3 times a week, it is so very urgent to give these dogs and cats a chance to live.


We need Fast Help ,,,, these dogs/cats need Fast Rescuing.....

We have interviewed a very nice family run company Willorill Kennels and discuss Artemis Dog Food and more.

A homeowner was trapped but managed to escape a raging fire that started about 7:15 at his home at 79 Dublin Road in Southbury; firefighters from Southbury and Woodbury trying to control the flames and rescue pets inside. An entire section of the T-shaped home is engulfed. Dublin Road is closed. The state fire marshal has been called to the scene.

Bradenton Beach wants to make it clear to residents that pets are not allowed on the city pier.