How To Choose a Cat

Bringing a cat home can be an exciting adventure. Cats are adopted for companionship for adults, kids and other cats. It's important to match the kitty to the home. A kitten will generally adapt to any new situation, versus an older cat may come with preferences and dislikes. For examples, some older cats are simply not compatible with children or other cats.

With good care and a friendly home, a domestic cat can easily live 15 years or longer. Choosing a cat can be difficult but the emotional bond between you and the cat is significant.

Most cats are divided simply into either 'domestic longhairs' and 'domestic shorthairs', (most common throughout the world). Of course there are always purebreds that have their significant physical and character traits.

Before bringing a cat home, assess the time you have and how much time a cat needs. Some specific breeds require more attention than others. Cats in general are easier to keep as pets, but you must be ready to make decisions on how you will want to raise them. For example, will this cat be an indoor cat, or outdoor cat, and will it require a littler box.

Also, it's a good idea to neuter or spay your cat at a young age. Unless you are a responsible breeder, a cat will be happier and have less health problems once fixed.

How old should your cat be when bringing them home?

A cat should be at least 8-12 weeks, unless there are special circumstances, like the mother is no longer around. But in this case a younger cat will require special assistance, which you must be prepared for. A kitten is can be irresistible but may not be the best choice for your household. Kittens although cute and cuddly, require a lot more attention than an adult cat. For some households an older cat is a great choice. Not only are you in most cases saving a cat from death, you are saving yourself from destruction, time requirements, training, personality check and more. An older cat can be a wise choice for households short on time, elderly looking for companions and so on.
It is not advised to purchase a cat for a gift. Animals should always be brought into a home that is knowingly ready to support it. Avoid bringing home a pet on impulse; again prepare yourself and household for the new occupant. The process of bringing a pet home should be a family experience. Let everyone in your household share in the process.