Dog Collar, Choose the Best?

You have a pet dog and its time to replace that old dirty dog collar with something special. First you should know the difference in dog collars before you just pick up pet dog collar. The two main dog collars are Buckle collars (flat Collars) and Break-away collars. Which of these dog collars are best for your dog and you?


Dog Collars are used for several reasons, and they may be found as : fashion collars, training collars, dog identification collars, intimidation collars (keep those pesky neighbors away) and other objectives. It is almost always imperative that dog identification and special medical information (if required) is placed on the color. The dog I.D. tags may be required in your area as well and make it much easier for a neighbor to help bring your dog home without special ID Chip scanners.

The Buckle Collar (Flat Collar) typically made of leather, nylon, polyester, hemp, and metal. The buckle looks most similar to a belt buckle. The buckle that holds the collar is meant to fit loosely around the neck. This collar is harder to remove encase of an emergency. Typically the Buckle Collar is best for a well trained or an older dog less likely to get caught on something.

The Break-away collar has a built in safety mechanism installed. The Break-away collar allows the dog to break free if excessive force put upon it. When a non-quick release collar (Buckle Collar) could get snagged and choke the dog, the Break-away collar should snap open.

In general, it is advised to purchase Break-away collars for your pet dog. The safety of a Break-away collar far out weighs the possible style factor of a Buckle collar. There are always exceptions to the rule. When you have an overly aggressive dog a Break-away collar may not be your best choice. Collars that are built for training purposes may be a better choice in public.
On a final note, I have always purchased Break-away collars for my dog in the past. The selection isn't always as vast as the buckle collars. Having an older dog now, I finally broke down and purchased her a very cute pink leather collar with flowers on it, and she sure does know how good she looks in it.


Dog Collars

Here are a few sites with some interesting and fun dog collars: