The Rarest Cat Breeds

The rarest cat breeds are Ashera, The Eqyptian Mau, and the Sokoke. The Most expensive cat is the Ashera. The Ashera can be purchased for $20,000 plus. The Eqyptian Mau lived with the Egyptians giving it a deep and rich history. From the wilds of Aferica the Sokoke may be the most exotic of all cat breeds.

The Mau (Egyptian word for cat) has been identified in the artwork of the ancient Egyptians. Egyptian Mau was domesticated from a spotted subspecies of the African Wild Cat. The Egyptian Mau were worshipped as deities, protected by laws, cherished as pets, and mummified and mourned upon their death.

The Sokoke comes from th coast of Aferica Kenay. They live near small town of Watamu next to the Arabuku Sokoke National Park about 120 miles north of Mombasa. The name of Sokoke means "Deep Shade" in Giriama and was given to the Sokoke Cats due to the vicinity of their discovery.

Mixing African Serval and an Asian Leopard Cat and domesticated cat creates the Ashera Breed. Bigger than many dogs, the 30 pound cat is highly intelligent, affectionate and has no problem with being walked on a leash. At $20,000 price tag, you may want an armed guard to walk you and the cat.